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Zumbi 1999 - 2018

SINCE 1999

The idea of high quality mountain bikes begins

It all began in a small Polish town of Myślenice. Downhill award-winning rider and mountain biking enthusiast was wondering how to create a perfect bicycle for his friends and himself- durable, with a perfect suspension and timeless appearance, but without undue exaggeration. What counts on the trail above all is skills and the hardware capabilities – the aim of the design is to emphasize the character, not dominate.

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bike frame industry zumbi

1999 – 2002

The design stage

Pawel Matuszynski, the founder of Zumbi Cycles, in one of the interviews talks about his life and the company:

… I love my city Myślenice and the surrounding mountains helped me find my way in life. After 89 when the communism in Poland was abolished suddenly in our gray reality many new things appeared. I remember when I first saw the mountain bike in a sports magazine, someone brought me from Austria. Then I realized that this is it! I started with the reconstructing of the ordinary bikes into the downhill ones, as those were extremely expensive at that time and simply. Beyond our reach.
… In Myślenice there used to be an old ski lift that leading to nowhere- just another nonsense of the past times-the ski lift and no slope  So, in the late 90s – together with my friends we began a real ‘ battle’ walk the forest inspectorate and the City Council of Myslenice to make the downhill trails at the Chelm Mountain legal. It was just like tilting with windmills, nobody understood us or even tried to. All we wanted was just a place to train. After a few years we eventually succeeded! We started to build Poland’s first downhill trails, where DH Champions were held. And the routes at the top of Chelm turned out to become the riders’ favorite.
… At the same time I managed to obtain the DH fork prototype of the PKK produced at the Technical University of Cracow. Then I bought, professional, but really used up downhill frame, that I broke down soon afterwards. I began to think more about my own prototype. Studies at the Technical University helped me to implement the dreams to life and after many years of working on projects and prototypes I managed to build the first complete frame.


First prototype DH frame


The concept that the company, which is about to be established, will specialize in the production mountain sports frames (mtb), develops.


The brand name Zumbi is born. The brand name comes from a legendary Brazilian warrior who is famous for being immortal even after death. Zumbi=immortality for the frames, bicycles and the brand.

„…Testing and improving them constantly I created my recipe for success of: geometry design, quality of material and suspension system. With successive frame models the Zumbi Cycles brand began to develop.…”

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T20 zumbi frame


The first serial production of the DH Team, T-20 and T-40 frames starts.

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Karol serwin zumbi cycles

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dhteam 2

T-20 zumbi cycles


Having undergone tests, the new Zumbi F44 is introduced for serial production .The bike becomes extremely popular in Poland, especially among DH competitors. Michal Śliwa, Maciej Bochenek, Bartosz Talaga are the flagship riders riding Zumbi. Racers from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, riding Zumbi F-44, reach the podium numerous times.

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d perin zumbi f44 Ti

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Zumbi Street
Zumbi Voodo

voodoo street zumbi

bike voodo zumbi stories

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antoni bizet UCI zumbi

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Voodoo frame zumbi cycles

Zumbi Cycles designs a completely new suspension design, which he names FPS System. The suspension was very innovative at that time and is still today known as the most effective giving the designer never ending possibilities with the suspension characteristics.

4XR zumbi

4XR bike zumbi


Having undergone tests, the new Zumbi F44 is introduced for serial production .The bike becomes extremely popular in Poland, especially among DH competitors. Michal Śliwa, Maciej Bochenek, Bartosz Talaga are the flagship riders riding Zumbi. Racers from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, riding Zumbi F-44, reach the podium numerous times.

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zumbi factory racing team uk world


The top-class riders including Dante I winner of the US DH champion title – Jackie, chose the Zumbi frames.

f-44 zumbi cycles

romain olmous championschip dh uci zumbi

Canada zumbi f44

f44 custom zumbi

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4Mountains Team, riding only on ZUMBI bikes, including such celebrities as: Neil Donaghue and Helen Gaskell. (Helen Gaskell at Zumbi F-44, wins the general classification of the UK Cup) is formed. Neil Donoghue and Scott Mears are in the top 30 of the general classification of the DH World Cups.

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eurobike friedrischafen

UCI zumbi cycles

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Scott Mears shoots ambitious and legendary film ‘Foot of flat out’.


After two years of tests F-22 model on wheels 26 ‘- designed for FR and Super Enduro, comes for serial production.


THE WORLD’S FIRST DOWNHILL E-BIKE, Is the one by Zumbi Cycles.
E-bike from Zumbi & Swiss made Boosty – DH, Super Enduro and Street El-Duro, E-22, E44, E-Guru, and E-Voodo


d ebike zumbi

zumbi f-44 boos

silnik 22 zumbi ebike


ebike zumbi



F-22 is chosen by the French star of the slopestyle stage Antoin Bizet, who wins the legendary sling-king crankworx competition in Les 2 Alpes on the ZUMBI frame .

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f-22 zumbi cycles redbull dh

F-22 zumbi cycles

zumbi cycles enduro dh

dh championschip poland

usa zumbi f22

f22 bike zumbi

f22 superednuro zumbi cycles frame


The 20 “wheels Trial frames are introduced.


Polish Trial rider Karol Serwin, is 6th in the general classification of the World Cup at ZUMBI.


A limited collection of Zumbi Le Mans Edition frames is created.

le mans zumbi cycles


The cooperation with Slovakian trial team begins: Jan Kocis and Stefan Pcola (the legend of the Slovak trial) help to develop T24 frame. Jan Kocis in 2011 on this very frame wins the title of the World Champion in the strongest Elite category. Jan uses one frame throughout the season, which is unheard of in the trial discipline since the frames can last 2-3 months in average. This is a great pride for everyone who participated in the design, test and production process.

guru zumbi

guru zumbi cycles xc

quilombo zumbi city frame

raw xc zumbi



Work on the new enduro model, F-11 a completely new design of the FPS suspension, begins.

2012 Winter

The first prototype is created and the test examples come to the hands of racers from all around the world.


Cooperation with the world cup player Toni Ferreiro from Spain begins, which results in excellent achievements in the Spanish and Portuguese downhill Cup.

enduro mtb zumbi f11

f11 zumbi lasvegas

bike expo zumbi f11

2012 Summer

The DH F-44 model is improved. The geometry and frame details change to increase the clearance. The geometry is redesigned for 650B wheels.


The F-11 model is improved in terms of geometry and the production of frames for the 27.5 wheels begins.


The start of intensive cooperation with Enduro competitors taking part in the World Cup and Mega Avalanche type competition
From 2013 – in periodicals and professional portals, tests of bikes and frames for Enduro – F11 -are regularly published, among others on the world’s largest pinkbike.com portal (F11 – tested by Alasdair MacLennan, the Scottish legend DH I Enduro). Tests also published at Enduro Mountain bike Magazine. One of the editors, Trevor Worsey, tests the F-11 on 650B wheels. There are many more articles in Poland and worldwide.

2014 Summer

The DH F-44 model is improved. The geometry and frame details change to increase the clearance. The geometry is redesigned for 650B wheels.

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zumbi cycles demo day


f11 zumbi

enduro zumbi cycles

‘…. The Zumbi Cycles brand has evolved strongly and is currently developing very well. For me, it was the beginning for freedom, the beginning of my dream life, my life with passion!’

championschip uci enduro series zumbi f22

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The F-11 650B Enduro bike becomes the most popular Zumbi model. The decision to create the AM version on 29 “a wheel is made.


On the 15th anniversary of the company, a limited edition of Zumbi bicycles  equipped with BOS suspension system is created. Most of the collection is already sold out during pre-sale stage

f44 zumbi cycles

f11 zumbi

Zumbi team


The company is reorganized; construction of a new factory of bicycle frames in Poland begins.


The concept of Zumbi Adventure Bike Trip is brought to life. Expeditions to Malaysia, Vietnam, Peru and Iceland take plac.


A manufacture for the Custom frame is erected.

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Zumbi cycles foundation

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The first edition of a new range of Zumbi Cycles bikes and frames.


Serial production of frames and bikes starts in a new factory.


Zumbi Cycles Foundation is established.


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The new Zumbi Factory Racing Team is formed.

zumbi factory racing

2018 Spring

Introduction of the latest Zumbi models from the e-bike, Trail and Enduro 29 and Adventure segments.

2018 Spring

Introduction of the latest DH frame from Zumbi – 2019 edition of F-44

In 2019, we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Zumbi Cycles. On this occasion, as early as in 2018, we will be producing limited, hand-made frames and bikes in special jubilee paintings for you. They will be available for purchase only in pre-sale. Follow our FB profile carefully.


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