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mtb course



Sunrise, the smell of the forest, jumping, sharp bends and then cold beer. Our experts will show you how to jump, pump and take bends. You will improve your ability to choose the perfect trail, corner, ride on steep paths, accelerate with skill and brake safely on rough terrain.
You will then be able to use your skills in practice, during your cycling trips.
We offer professional bike training. It is a unique and unforgettable experience, which will make you feel confident and competent on your bike.


Individual training for Zumbi customers, conducted in the recently created Suliwoods Skills Center in the wild areas of the Ślęża Mountains, the location is important, especially for those who want to improve their downhill and enduro skills.

Our expert and instructor is Piotr Szwedowski, the legend of Polish MTB. He has been riding a mountain bike professionally since 1991. For many years, he has successfully competed in events such as: Downhill, XC, Dual Slalom, Dual, 4cross, Slopestyle, Dirt, BMX racing and Uphill.