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cytaty11“I love my hometown Myślenice – the surrounding mountains helped me find my path in life. After ’89, communism in Poland was stopped and suddenly lots of new stuff showed up in our everyday grey reality. I remember when i saw a mountain bike for the first time, in some kind of sports magazine that someone bought in Austria. I just knew, this is it! I started rebuilding normal bikes into mountain bikes because they were so expensive. By the end of the nineties in Poland we started to build the first downhill tracks and the first races were organized. In Myslenice, we have an old ski lift, another example of a communism nonsense – a ski lift with out a slope. The first DH riders in Poland found out that it would be a perfect spot to ride and mt Chelm became one of the favorite downhill racing places in Poland.
At that time I allready had a prototype DH fork – named PPK, which was produced at the university where I studied. Later, I bought a really used up professional downhill frame which I quickly destroyed an I started working on my own frame design. Me and my local friends started fighting with the local forestry and town council to legalize the tracks on Mt. Chelm, which was like fighting with a concrete wall. Nobody understood that we just wanted a real place for training our sport. Ewentually, we succeeded, and after some years of developing and inproving my prototypes i created ZUMBI…”



Zumbi CEO & Founder