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It all began in a small Polish town of Myślenice. Downhill award-winning rider and mountain biking enthusiast was wondering how to create a perfect bicycle for his friends and himself- durable, with a perfect suspension and timeless appearance, but without undue exaggeration. What counts on the trail above all is skills and the hardware capabilities – the aim of the design is to emphasize the character, not dominate.
Pawel Matuszynski, the founder of Zumbi Cycles, in one of the interviews talks about his life and the company:

cytaty11… I love my city Myślenice and the surrounding mountains helped me find my way in life. After 89 when the communism in Poland was abolished suddenly in our gray reality many new things appeared. I remember when I first saw the mountain bike in a sports magazine, someone brought me from Austria. Then I realized that this is it! I started with the reconstructing of the ordinary bikes into the downhill ones, as those were extremely expensive at that time and simply. Beyond our reach.

… In Myślenice there used to be an old ski lift that leading to nowhere- just another nonsense of the past times-the ski lift and no slope :) So, in the late 90s – together with my friends we began a real ‘ battle’ walk the forest inspectorate and the City Council of Myslenice to make the downhill trails at the Chelm Mountain legal. It was just like tilting with windmills, nobody understood us or even tried to. All we wanted was just a place to train. After a few years we eventually succeeded! We started to build Poland’s first downhill trails, where DH Champions were held. And the routes at the top of Chelm turned out to become the riders’ favorite.

… At the same time I managed to obtain the DH fork prototype of the PKK produced at the Technical University of Cracow. Then I bought, professional, but really used up downhill frame, that I broke down soon afterwards. I began to think more about my own prototype. Studies at the Technical University helped me to implement the dreams to life and after many years of working on projects and prototypes I managed to build the first complete frame. Testing and improving them constantly I created my recipe for success of: geometry design, quality of material and suspension system. With successive frame models the Zumbi brand began to develop, and is still successfully evolving. For me it was the beginning of freedom and my dream life. The life with passion!

Zumbi CEO & Founder